Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chapter 4

They both were working and not spending that much time together. Sidney was constantly here and there with hockey and Cat was busy too being a photographer for the team.

Something that neither of them wanted but they decided to separate for a little while and figure out what their future would be.

Cat moved out of their house and and went to stay with her good friend, Ashley Winston. Ashley was a bartender at Diesel, a club, Pittsburgh that was very popular. Ashley's boyfriend, Matthew Connors , who was a fitness trainer.

Sidney was alone at their house and hated it and missed Cat bunches. He went to practice and games but was not himself. He walked around in a daze most of the time and his teammates and family were concerned but he said he was fine. They all knew it was not true and that he and Cat needed to work things out.

Cat felt the same way. She did her job and she realized that nothing matter more than being with Sidney. Her friends and family were worried about her too.


Cat and Sidney decided to take things slow and start over with everything. So they started dating even though they were married. And things started being more clear for the two of them and their future.

After a few months of clearing the air of everything that had happened in their relationship, Cat was pregnant again and they had moved out of their old house and into a new one. A fresh start was all they needed.

Cat and Sidney were happy and looking forward to the new addition to their family that would be there in nine months.


Sidney and Cat were the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl that they named, Alyssa Elizabeth Crosby. Alyssa would have a baby brother, Matthew Patrick Crosby, and another brother, Timothy Jackson Crosby.

Sidney and Catherine realized that all the insanity that life can bring to you the only thing that makes it worth while is love. And they had plenty to share with each other forever.


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