Monday, January 18, 2010


Hey guys if anyone was reading this story, Thanks a million. I just decided that I needed to end it because I got tired of seeing it not finished and I could not come up with anything better. I had other ideas for this story but I could never get anything to work. Sorry that is so short and not that great. Maybe another Sidney Crosby story will pop in my mind and it will be better but I think I can only work on one story at a time. LOL

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chapter 4

They both were working and not spending that much time together. Sidney was constantly here and there with hockey and Cat was busy too being a photographer for the team.

Something that neither of them wanted but they decided to separate for a little while and figure out what their future would be.

Cat moved out of their house and and went to stay with her good friend, Ashley Winston. Ashley was a bartender at Diesel, a club, Pittsburgh that was very popular. Ashley's boyfriend, Matthew Connors , who was a fitness trainer.

Sidney was alone at their house and hated it and missed Cat bunches. He went to practice and games but was not himself. He walked around in a daze most of the time and his teammates and family were concerned but he said he was fine. They all knew it was not true and that he and Cat needed to work things out.

Cat felt the same way. She did her job and she realized that nothing matter more than being with Sidney. Her friends and family were worried about her too.


Cat and Sidney decided to take things slow and start over with everything. So they started dating even though they were married. And things started being more clear for the two of them and their future.

After a few months of clearing the air of everything that had happened in their relationship, Cat was pregnant again and they had moved out of their old house and into a new one. A fresh start was all they needed.

Cat and Sidney were happy and looking forward to the new addition to their family that would be there in nine months.


Sidney and Cat were the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl that they named, Alyssa Elizabeth Crosby. Alyssa would have a baby brother, Matthew Patrick Crosby, and another brother, Timothy Jackson Crosby.

Sidney and Catherine realized that all the insanity that life can bring to you the only thing that makes it worth while is love. And they had plenty to share with each other forever.


Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey whoever is reading this story bear with me because I am having writers block on this story but hopefully I will get some inspiration soon. I am so sorry but hopefully it will happen before too long. Thanks again!!! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chapter 3

Cat was finally released from the hospital before Sidney because his injuries were more severe. Finally after a couple of months Sidney was able to come home too. They both had to take it easy since they both were still recovering from a very serious car accident.

Cat and Sidney were both kinda still upset about the loss of their baby. The two of them would actually spend time in the nursery and talk about how they felt about what had happened. Surprisingly it was really helpful for the healing process. Cat and Sidney were also going to a support group for parents who have lost a baby.

The process of grieving was slow for both of them. Cat and Sidney knew that at some point they would be able to try again. But for now it would still just be the two of them in the house.

Several weeks later after Sidney came home, Cat had gone to a gynecologist's appointment for a checkup. She was waiting for the doctor to come in and thinking how she hope that the doctor would give her good news that she and Sidney could start trying for another baby. The doctor and nurse walked in and Cat smiled.

"Hello Mrs. Crosby. How are you doing today?" Dr. Evans asked.
"I am feeling good. I can't complain" Cat said as she sat on the examination table.
"That's good to hear. Well let's get check you out and see how you are healing" Dr. Evans said as she got everything ready for the examination. Cat laid back on the table and let the doctor do her job.

After the examination Dr. Evans told Cat that she would be able to start trying to get pregnant again. Cat was jumping up in down on the inside with glee.

Cat left the doctor's office and headed over to Mellon Arena to see if she could talk to Sidney. When she got there most of the guys were in the locker room but not Sidney he was still on the ice as usual. So Cat went out to the ice area and stood by the door to the entrance of the ice and watched Sidney as he shot some more pucks into the net. Sidney finally looked up and saw Cat standing by the door and he skated over to her and opened the door and walked in.

"Hey" Sidney said as he leaned down and gave Cat a quick kiss.
"Back at ya Siddo" Cat said smiling at Sidney.
"What's up?"
"Nothing can't I just come and watch you practice for the heck of it" Cat laughed.
"Yeah you sure can" Sidney said pulling her close to him and kissing her deeply.
"Excuse me but please keep that for the bedroom" joked Max Talbot as he walked over to the two of them.
"Hey Max, how are you doing these days?" Cat asked as Sidney continued to hold her tightly.
"I am good but your husband here I don't know what we are going to do with him. All he does is practice and practice and he is purposely trying to make the rest of us look bad and I mean bad" laughed Max.
"Hey I just want to be the best hockey player I can be" Sidney countered back at Max.
"Whatever dude. Please give some of us other players a chance to shine" Max joked again, "Well it always good seeing you Cat." Then Max headed back down towards the locker room.
"So do you want to go and get some lunch?" asked Sidney as he looked at Cat.
"Sure where do you want to go?"
"I am kinda in the mood for Italian."
"Sounds good."

Cat waited while Sidney got showered and changed and then they followed each other to the restaurant and had a relaxing lunch together.

After lunch they headed back to the house and when they got inside, Cat grabbed Sidney by the collar of his shirt and kissed him hard. Then she took his hand and headed upstairs to the bedroom. When they got there she started unbuttoning his shirt and then he stopped her.

"What in the world had gotten into you, Cat?" Sidney asked looking totally surprised.
"I think you know what I am thinking about" Cat said taking off her shirt and then moving back to Sidney to unbuckle his belt. At this point Sidney gave up and let Cat undress them both and then she pushed him onto the bed. Cat then climbed onto the bed and Sidney then pulled her to him and moved so that she was underneath him.
Sidney stopped for a moment and then said, "I am guessing that you got the 'OK' from the doctor for us to make love because this is not like you usually."
"You got it buster now move along slow poke and let's have some fun" Cat said as she kissed him again. Sidney made love to Cat several times and then they snuggled together after wards.

"Wow Siddo that is exactly what the doctor ordered. I love you" Cat said as she lay in Sidney's arms.
"Yeah that was unbelievable and I love you too, Cat. And I hate to ruin the mood here but I am starving" Sidney said as he held her tightly.
"Well I know there is food in the house so I am sure we can find something for dinner" Cat said as she got up and found some clothes and got dressed and Sidney followed suit.

They made dinner together and then spent the rest of the evening snuggled on the couch watching a movie.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter 2

**Note for this chapter I changed the flashback section just a little bit. Just for anyone's information. LOL**

In the hospital, Catherine was slowly recovering from the accident. The last thing she remembered seeing the truck lights and thought it was going way to fast and heading straight for them and she screamed and then everything had gone black. Now she was in a hospital feeling like she had been to hell and back. Cat looked at her wedding ring and smiled and then it hit her, 'how was Sidney'. But she was distracted from her thoughts as Dr. Mary Taylor walked into her room.

"Its good to see you awake Catherine. How are you feeling?" Dr. Taylor asked.
"Not great and really sore especially on my side and abdomen" Cat said and then it hit her, "Oh my god my baby!"
Dr. Taylor walked over to Cat and sat down next to her, "I am so sorry but you lost your baby, Catherine, and we had to remove one of your ovaries because it was badly damaged. Now you and your husband will be able to have more babies but it might be a little harder since you only have one ovary but its still possible" explained the doctor.
Cat felt the tears spill and she tried her hardest not to cry but it happened anyway. Finally she calmed down enough to ask about her husband, "How is Sidney?"
"He has a broken leg, broken ribs, and a punctured lung but we have him stabilized and he will be fine" the doctor reassured Cat. That made Cat feel a little better but still wanted to see him but they were both needing to stay in bed and recover.

Sidney was laying in his room and realizing it was hard for him to moved. He saw a casts on his leg and chest. He kinda remembered being hit by the truck and then his car flipping over but after that it was a blank. Sidney wondered how Catherine was doing and hope she was alright. Dr. Taylor came in to check on him at that moment.

"Hey Sidney how is Pittsburgh's favorite Penguin feeling today?" asked the doctor.
"Horrible doctor just horrible" Sidney said trying to relax.
"I know but you will heal and then be out chasing everybody on the ice and scoring like crazy."
"Doctor how is Catherine. I am really worried about her and the baby. Is she OK?" asked Sidney worriedly.
"Sidney, Catherine is going to be fine but she lost the baby because there was trauma to her abdomen plus we had to remove one of her ovaries because it was badly damaged too. But you two will be able to try again but it might be a slow process because Catherine only has one ovary but it is still possible for her to get pregnant again."
"Thanks doctor. I appreciate the update" Sidney said as he thought about how he and Cat had been so excited about the baby.


They had been married for two years and had just decided it was the perfect time to start a family. Everything was going well with his hockey career after winning the Stanley Cup. Cat was one of the official photographers for the Pittsburgh Penguins and it was her dream job and how she met Sidney.

Sidney remembered when they had gone to the doctor and it had been confirmed that Cat was really pregnant. It had been the best day ever for both of them. They had gone out to dinner that night and then when they got home, Sidney lead Cat into the bedroom where they made love and held each other as they went to sleep.

**Back to the present**

Now they would have to start all over again and as the doctor said it would be a slow process which would be hard on both of them. They were lucky because they had great friends and family that would help them through this situation. And hopefully before too long Catherine would be pregnant again and things would be perfect.

Chapter 1

It had been raining all day long and now that evening they were heading home from a long day hanging out with friends. It was dark and and the road was kinda slick but he was driving cautiously because that was his way. Plus it had started raining harder and it was hard to see on this not well lit road. When all of a sudden they saw a truck heading towards them and going way to fast for a rainy night. The truck lost control and slammed hard into the SUV, flipping the SUV over and landing hard on its side.

Luckily there were some witnesses and they called 911. The ambulances got there quickly and carefully pulled out the victims from the vehicles. The passengers in the SUV were pulled out first because the paramedics could see they were still alive but the driver of the truck was gone. One of the paramedics recognized one of the passengers from the SUV.

"Hey why does he look familiar?" asked the paramedic to his coworker.
"Yeah he does. Is it who I think it is?" the other one said.
"Yeah I think it is him. Well I don't want him not making it on my conscience so let's get moving with both of them."
"Let's go stat."

The paramedics got the two passengers into the ambulance and were quickly off to the hospital. Another ambulance had the truck driver and headed off as well. Meanwhile the police were talking with witnesses about what they had seen of the accident.