Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter 1

It had been raining all day long and now that evening they were heading home from a long day hanging out with friends. It was dark and and the road was kinda slick but he was driving cautiously because that was his way. Plus it had started raining harder and it was hard to see on this not well lit road. When all of a sudden they saw a truck heading towards them and going way to fast for a rainy night. The truck lost control and slammed hard into the SUV, flipping the SUV over and landing hard on its side.

Luckily there were some witnesses and they called 911. The ambulances got there quickly and carefully pulled out the victims from the vehicles. The passengers in the SUV were pulled out first because the paramedics could see they were still alive but the driver of the truck was gone. One of the paramedics recognized one of the passengers from the SUV.

"Hey why does he look familiar?" asked the paramedic to his coworker.
"Yeah he does. Is it who I think it is?" the other one said.
"Yeah I think it is him. Well I don't want him not making it on my conscience so let's get moving with both of them."
"Let's go stat."

The paramedics got the two passengers into the ambulance and were quickly off to the hospital. Another ambulance had the truck driver and headed off as well. Meanwhile the police were talking with witnesses about what they had seen of the accident.

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  1. WOAH intense! but i love it! i REALLY hope he's going to be ok :(