Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter 2

**Note for this chapter I changed the flashback section just a little bit. Just for anyone's information. LOL**

In the hospital, Catherine was slowly recovering from the accident. The last thing she remembered seeing the truck lights and thought it was going way to fast and heading straight for them and she screamed and then everything had gone black. Now she was in a hospital feeling like she had been to hell and back. Cat looked at her wedding ring and smiled and then it hit her, 'how was Sidney'. But she was distracted from her thoughts as Dr. Mary Taylor walked into her room.

"Its good to see you awake Catherine. How are you feeling?" Dr. Taylor asked.
"Not great and really sore especially on my side and abdomen" Cat said and then it hit her, "Oh my god my baby!"
Dr. Taylor walked over to Cat and sat down next to her, "I am so sorry but you lost your baby, Catherine, and we had to remove one of your ovaries because it was badly damaged. Now you and your husband will be able to have more babies but it might be a little harder since you only have one ovary but its still possible" explained the doctor.
Cat felt the tears spill and she tried her hardest not to cry but it happened anyway. Finally she calmed down enough to ask about her husband, "How is Sidney?"
"He has a broken leg, broken ribs, and a punctured lung but we have him stabilized and he will be fine" the doctor reassured Cat. That made Cat feel a little better but still wanted to see him but they were both needing to stay in bed and recover.

Sidney was laying in his room and realizing it was hard for him to moved. He saw a casts on his leg and chest. He kinda remembered being hit by the truck and then his car flipping over but after that it was a blank. Sidney wondered how Catherine was doing and hope she was alright. Dr. Taylor came in to check on him at that moment.

"Hey Sidney how is Pittsburgh's favorite Penguin feeling today?" asked the doctor.
"Horrible doctor just horrible" Sidney said trying to relax.
"I know but you will heal and then be out chasing everybody on the ice and scoring like crazy."
"Doctor how is Catherine. I am really worried about her and the baby. Is she OK?" asked Sidney worriedly.
"Sidney, Catherine is going to be fine but she lost the baby because there was trauma to her abdomen plus we had to remove one of her ovaries because it was badly damaged too. But you two will be able to try again but it might be a slow process because Catherine only has one ovary but it is still possible for her to get pregnant again."
"Thanks doctor. I appreciate the update" Sidney said as he thought about how he and Cat had been so excited about the baby.


They had been married for two years and had just decided it was the perfect time to start a family. Everything was going well with his hockey career after winning the Stanley Cup. Cat was one of the official photographers for the Pittsburgh Penguins and it was her dream job and how she met Sidney.

Sidney remembered when they had gone to the doctor and it had been confirmed that Cat was really pregnant. It had been the best day ever for both of them. They had gone out to dinner that night and then when they got home, Sidney lead Cat into the bedroom where they made love and held each other as they went to sleep.

**Back to the present**

Now they would have to start all over again and as the doctor said it would be a slow process which would be hard on both of them. They were lucky because they had great friends and family that would help them through this situation. And hopefully before too long Catherine would be pregnant again and things would be perfect.

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  1. i like the way this story is going. good job! :)